My name is Eva Fontana, I am a Graphic Designer, Art Director and UX Designer with a special interest in diversity, inclusion and the environment. I have worked on non-profit projects for more than ten years. Currently, I work as a freelancer and consultant based in the United Kingdom.
I worked for seven years in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, based in Washington DC, United States. I began as a graphic designer and webmaster in the Press and Communications office. After a few years, I started hiring graphic designers for each project under my coordination in multidisciplinary teams. We created more than 50 covers art for reports and books, more than a hundred campaigns for social media, and multiple graphic materials to be used in the organisation. 
At the beginning of my professional career in Buenos Aires, I mainly worked for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I mostly worked on branding, stationary, websites and graphic material for dissemination. I helped people to have their own websites by developing them manually in HTML. I worked with programmers, other designers and photographers to create useful high-impact products.
My professional career helped me get involved with many topics I love related to human rights, such as women, LGBT, indigenous peoples, children, the environment and poverty, among others. I understand the interest of non-profit organisations to generate impact by focusing on powerful and perdurable concepts over time. My goal is to keep discovering topics and projects with which I can continue to learn, as well as to be able to use my experience and values to contribute to a better world.
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