Violino Rojo

Violino Rojo | String trio


Logo / Website design and development (HTML+css) / Visual devices


To look for a formal but fresh identity for a string trio. They enliven informal and formal events, and needed an image to sell up themselves.


Three young musicians playing in paradise where music comforts souls. The focus is on the contrast between old and new, classic and modern.



It is a calligraphic logo where two typographies live together, in line with the main idea. One is calligraphic and has harmonious long brushes like an aged handwriting in a sheet music. The other one is a thin and modern san serif.



It has a classic image with a modern touch. An old sheet music works as background. At home page an antique frame shows a picture where they are playing their instruments. In the other sections a cropping of a violin works as a header.

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Visual devices

We work together with Mariano Sclocco on photographs, we thought that it could be good using white backgrounds and white dresses as being in a paradise. I used these pictures in the whole project, especially in the visual devices like the picture postcards. The device with the theatre curtain is a big banner that they have used in an exposition.

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