Tres Carpinteros

Vanina Lozano | Argentinian artist and architect


Identity / Website design and development (HTML+css)/ Stationery / Interactive resume


To create the image, a website and some visual devices to promote the artist´s work.


This artist is also an architect, and it is a very interesting combination that appears in her whole work.


Logo and website

I placed her signature beside her name in order to create a sort of logo. Her signature brushes are solid and straight, it was perfect to use in a logo, and I chose a peculiar sans serif to write her name.

In website, the focus is on the gallery where she can show her paintings. Her sketches are used as background according with the whole image. Pictures were taken by Mariano Sclocco.

01 02 03

Visual devices

Business cards have logo and information, but the more important fact are her paintings. To highlight her work I selected a cropping painting for each card. The same idea is applied to her interactive resume (DVD). This device is usually submitted to the art galleries.

04 05