Tres Carpinteros

Tres Carpinteros | Furniture design


Logo / Website design and development (HTML+css) / Stationary


To give identity to a new independent company, a young firm with new great ideas about wood craft and furniture design.


Wood is a basic raw material, its texture and color were used to create the image and also associated with a bright green color to build a combination seen in nature.



This firm was created by three young carpenters that wanted to bring something new to the furniture craft: simple design, easy and affordable. The logo had to represent such attributes.

The client wanted a round shape logo to stamp it easily over each piece, maybe over a bolt or a rivet. The ā€œ3ā€ (three) and ā€œcā€ (carpenters) are joined over a wooden texture circle. This shape is not perfect circular to notice handicraft. I chose a rounded and clear typography to be comfortable in a wooden world, where its texture is present in the whole image.



It is simple and easy, like their furniture design. They needed a friendly show room. The bright green pops impacting the visitor, highlighting that TresCapinteros is different from the traditional furniture world.

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Business cards

Identity is clear in business cards too: wood as a raw material, green as an impact color and both colors combined as in nature.