Soundailleurs | Music Business Company


Website design and development (HTML+css) - Sound Cloud feed


Sound Ailleurs, a French-American company, needed a cool website to show their services, focusing on the homepage where an audio player offers random tracks.


To design a vintage hompage with a music player where the client can update the tracks, a colored menu and adaptive image backgrounds for each section.



Since the most important task had to be the music tracks at the homepage, I focused on making it useful and impressive. The best way to have an updated track list was to use a feeding system which client can manage by their own. I chose Sound Cloud, a useful tool that gives autonomy to the client.

To make it flashy, I gave a movement behavior to the big circles. When the user does a mousse-over, the circle begin to spin, like a analogic music recorder.

The company works with several music genres, mostly with African music. I decided to give an unique design style. The menu shows an specific color for each section. The background pictures have a vintage and noisy photo retouch, also they are optimized to be loaded fast.

Soundailleurs Soundailleurs Soundailleurs