Liliana Gavotti

Liliana Gavotti | Artist


Identity / Website design and development (HTML+css)/ Stationery / Interactive resume


To create image and website, where the goal was to build a gallery to show her work.


Her work speaks by its own, it needed nothing to compete against and that is why the whole visual devices are simple.



Her name as a logo is presented in heavy typography, flexible enough to use it in any device. Actually it is not exactly a logo, but it is used like a real one, as part of the image.

For website I selected one painting as background; the visitor can see the brushes, textures and deal with her resume, work and information. There is a picture slider in the home page. Pictures were taken by Mariano Sclocco.

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Visual devices

Each business card is a painting cropping to generate visual impact. The interactive resume was built in Adobe Flash and burned into a DVD. Here is a capture screen were we can see an internal screen, a painting and its description.

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