La bolsa negra

La bolsa negra | Short film

Idea and realization / Screenplay / Storyboard / Characters and landscapes design /Animation / Sound effects / Video edition


I created this short film to put into practice what I have learnt during the one-year course at a Digital Art University.


It is a simple history, it has no dialogs or voices, for that reason I emphasized the characters action and gesticulation, helped with sound effects.



It is a night storm. There is a building where we can see through the window a girl reading a book. Inside the room there is a fly that keeps girl attention. She peeks the watch and realizes what time it is. She gets surprised; maybe she forgot something, it is late. She runs away, catches a black bag and goes out her home.

The elevator is not working, so she decides to run downstairs. While she is running, a banana skin appears in her way and unavoidable she fells over. We don’t know how, but she catches the bag before it crashes against the floor. When she arrives to the lobby, she realizes that she has forgotten the key. But this is not an obstruction, something magic happens and she passes through the safety lock and appears outside the building.

Outside, a truck is coming, and she puts the bag near a three. The truck stops and an arm appears in scene taking the bag, and with the sound, we realize that it was the garbage truck.

La bolsa negra


This is a story without dialogues, voices or any language. Everything that happens must be understood by the screen and the sounds, so it had to be a clear screenplay and storyboard. It had to emphasize the actions to let the watcher get involved into the story.



Character design took its progress, I knew that she was going to wear a helmet, and fortunately I was guided by a teacher who helped me. Her eyes, eyebrow, nose and mouth are the elements that show everything that happens to her.

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Landscapes and locations

Landscapes were colored in a watercolor technique and I chose purples and blues. All locations are similar to real ones; building, elevator, lobby, door handle, outside corner and tree.

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Sound effects and music

Occasionally during this work I heard the Pastorale Symphony of Beethoven, Symphony No. 6, 4th movement, "Storm". Suddenly I realized that it was the music that I had to use in my short film. It was a funny task working with sound effects, it was something new for me. It was an intuitive work.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and Moho.