About me

After 11 years working as a Graphic and Web Designer in Argentina, my native country, I started to further develop my professional career in U.S.

I live in Washington DC, looking for opportunities related to Graphic and Web Design, Video Editing, E-learning, 2D Animation or any other visual communication projects.

Visit an infographic about my professional experiences and skills here.


graphic design
  • identity & collateral
  • logo & stationery
  • visual devices
  • art & creative direction
  • editorial layout
  • typography
  • photo retouching
  • compositing layout
  • magazine advertisements
web design
  • design & development
  • e-learning
  • micro websites
  • interactive resumes
video and animation
  • video editing
  • traditional 2D animation
  • flash animation


I studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA - FADU) in Argentina. Right from the start I have been interested in web design too, so I started taking workshops about Dreamweaver, Html, Div+Css, Php, Js, Flash and more.

I also took a one-year subjet in a cinema private school, the subjet was about traditional 2D animation, video edition and film art theory.


Since 2002 I have been working on my own projects. Most of them were developed with my partner Mariano Sclocco, a photographer with an enormous capacity in the visual communication business. If you are interested please visit his blog.

A few years later, I started working as a graphic and web designer in an e-learning firm firm, where I learned a lot about building micro-websites for online training. I quit the company because I wanted to focus on my own business, but I stayed working as a freelancer for years, taking part in design and development.

I arrived to the U.S. in 2011. Since that moment I expanded my network and I started working as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer for American clients too. It is so rewarding working with people from different cultures! You can see most of my last projects here.


I like to research as much as possible to find the best course to follow. I examine the whole material and look for a deep concept, the essence. Then I come across with the main idea to start working. For me it is very important to get a close relationship with the client, an ongoing and open dialogue to reach the objective.